Rylee’s Rover Goes to the Moon

Go on a cosmic journey like no other with “Rylee’s Rover to Mars!” Join the spirited young explorer, Rylee, as she dreams big and sets her sights on the mysteries of the Red Planet.
With boundless imagination and the help of her loyal companions, Cosmo and Randal, Rylee engineers a remarkable rover that’s ready to travel the Martian landscape. This captivating tale takes young readers away on an adventure filled with scientific curiosity, friendship, and the thrill of discovery.



Get ready for an amazing journey with Rylee and her two pals on their very own rocket ship!

With Randal, the Rover, at their side, Rylee and her loyal friend Cosmo, prepare to blast off!

You’ll learn about the lunar landscape, craters and dunes, and the silver terrain that makes the Moon such a fascinating and magical place.

The story of Rylee’s Rover Goes to the Moon reminds us that exploring Outer Space is never beyond our reach.

Join Rylee as she soars towards the stars and uncovers the secrets of the Moon!

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Hardcover, Paperback

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