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 April 2022 Newsletter

Hello everyone! The launching of my two new children’s books, in the past several months, has been successful! They are now available on Amazon or order an autographed copy here on my New Website

Rylee The Young Rocketeer - PaperbackRylee The Young Rocketeer 

About Rylee The Young Rocketeer – Rylee is a girl who loves building parts for rockets has high hopes and dreams of one day becoming a skilled rocketeer. She imagines building her own rocket….

And she can’t wait to grow up traveling to the Moon and Mars, meeting new friends, and reach for the stars!

John’s Camping Adventures 

About John’s Camping Adventures – Four year old John excitedly shares his love of nature, family time, and friends. On special weekends, John and his family travel to a variety of campsites, where he can fish, hike and collect cool things for his special box. Two days fly by and as the family returns home they are already looking forward to their next trip.

My first book I love to go camping was originally written in 2016 for my grandson, that experienced camping for the first time, at the young age of 4 years old.
I re-wrote, re-edited and re-illustrated for the purpose of selling the book on Amazon with my other book Rylee The Young Rocketeer.
Amazon has size restrictions, and this is a friendly size for small
hands, 8.5″ X 8.5″.

We love celebrating National Holidays! Here are a few Authors love to celebrate.

  • April 2nd International Children’s Book Day
  • April 2nd Nation Children’s Picture Book Day
  • April 3-9 National Library Week
  • April 4th National School Librarian Day
  • April 6th National Library Outreach Day
  • April 15th World Art Day
  • April 16th National Librarian Day
  • April 23rd World Book and Copyright Day
  • April 27th National Tell A Story Day

I Love School Visits! Contact me to come read one or a few of my books to your classrooms, share the book writing and independent author publishing process and I love to answer curious questions about my experience. 

Below are a few steps you can take to schedule your next visit:

  • Have a school representative contact me.
  • We set up a day and time convenient with your school.
  • I will come and share the process of writing children’s books, illustrating, and publishing my own books as an independent author.
  • I will send an order form for my books and the teachers arrange to send them home with the kids for a special autographed copy of one of my books.

I am looking forward to visiting your school soon. Call or text me at 909-260-8228, or you can email me at joann@joannmdickinsonauthor.com. SI hope to see you soon!


Coming Spring 2022 – Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo

Watch for my next new children’s book Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo, illustrated by the talented Lauren Sparks.
It is a zany story about Lou, an alpaca, that always wanted to be a zookeeper, he likes to take care of the other animals living in his neighborhood. He feeds them, making sure they have a comfortable home and are entertained.
There is a special new neighbor coming to Lou’s zoo and the other animals are excited about the new addition to their block, they can’t wait to see who’s getting a new neighbor.
The story introduces different animals with curious personalities, and they are anxious to see if the new guest looks like them. Will they be tall or short, slender or stout, harry or bare, will they sleep all day or awake all night to eat. 
The book also has Fun Facts about each animal for children to learn more about simple animals they are familiar with but never knew many details about them.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my newsletter, come back again to read about the progress of my new books.
You can call or text me with your questions, book orders or schedule an event at 909-260-8228 or email me at joann@joannmdickinsonauthor.com.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!