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This is my first read of Ms Dickinson, and I am blown away. What a fun read, while also being very educational. This book is perfect for girls to see they can be anything, including engineers, astronauts, or rocket scientists. Rylee's Rover Goes To Mars is perfect for children to learn a ton about Mars. This book is perfect for children to see preparation is key for any endeavor they want to pursue. This book is perfect for children to see many different forms of science. On top of all of that, the story is adorable. A little girl has a dream of traveling to Mars, with her dog companion of course. In beautiful rhyme (which I'm always a sucker for), she shares her passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to making that dream come true. Reading along, your eyes are treated to vibrant and fun illustrations that can't (and won't) be ignored. They are as much a part of the story as the words themselves. I am absolutely enthralled, and you will be too!
Leigh Ann Hughes
A great addition to the Who's New at Lou's Zoo series. This story champions friendship, empathy and inclusion. I love that there are some stretch words in here for my four year old, so that when we are reading we can learn new words and apply them to social situations. The tone of the book is calm, soothing, and really makes you feel like you are at Lou's zoo meeting new friends for the first time. I am also just generally obsessed with the illustrations. They are just gorgeous. Nicely done to this author/illustrator team!
Kristina Knode
I absolutely loved this story, "Who's New At Lou's Zoo?" Not only was the story awesome, but the illustration also helped bring the wildlife to life. Loved how it kept all the neighbors wondering if they would be like them. They were all accepting of the new arrival without even knowing who it would be. This teaches children to be inquisitive. It makes you want to learn more. The facts were the winning touch. As a wildlife photographer, I would definitely recommend this book to my family and friends. I have never seen a book like this before. So glad it was written and illustrated. I hope Winston becomes a part of the zoo!
Brian May
Rylee The Young Rocketeer has beautiful illustration that will surely capture the attention of the youngest reader. Just opening the book is magical! The story is simple and easy to follow, engaging, and opens the door to questions and understanding about our solar system, in particular Mars. A must-have for teachers, librarians, parents, grandparents, and of course, the kids who will keep this beautiful book for generations.
Debbie Hepner
John's Adventures at Yellowstone Park is a great book to introduce Yellowstone National Park to kids. I love how it gives facts along the way and also introduces kids to the different landforms and structures within the park. The way they had bold colored print on the page to emphasize the bigger vocabulary/landmarks was great. I also liked how there was an emphasis on time-order transition words near the end. This would be a fun book for teacher-stand librarians to use to talk about National Parks and/or landmarks!
Thank you, JoAnn for writing Rylee They Young Rocketeer. It's such an engaging book for kids to read! I shared this book with my sister who is a 1st-grade teacher, and her students couldn’t wait to learn more about our Solar System and figure out how to get themselves out there!
Nancy N.

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