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I purchased this book for my 3.5-year-old grandson and he loved it. He was very interested and had lots of questions about each planet. This interest is causing us to go to NASA websites for more information. Future astronaut? The story is great and so are the illustrations. We will purchase other books written by JoAnn.
Bob & CJ V.
My boys love anything to do with space. Rylee the Rocketeer had fun rhyming, vivid pictures, and got our imaginations going! I definitely recommend this book
Katlyn S.
My son is into all things space-y right now so this was perfect! He already knows about the planets so he was thrilled to see Rylee visiting them in her rocket.
Thank you! JoAnn for writing such an engaging book for kids to read! I shared this book with my sister who is a 1st grade teacher, and her students couldn't wait to learn more about our Solar System and figure out how to get themselves our there!
Nancy N.
This is a simple story where Rylee visits all the planets and dreams how it mentions eight planets, Pluto (as a dwarf planet), and include words like sprockets and gaskets! The story gets instant bonus points from us because I have a daughter named Rylee too.:)
Caral J.
This is fun, engaging book with awesome illustrations. Great for encouraging kids to use their imaginations and follow their dreams.
Stacy C. Bauer