My Work, My Community, and Loving Life!

 The word Serendipity means “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. It is said that the word ‘Serendipity’ was coined by Horace Walpole, an English Art Historian in 1754. He was inspired by the Persian fairy tale “The three princes of Serendip”. In this fairy tale, the three heroes were always discovering some new fortunate things without any real quest.

Growing up, I didn’t care for school, but I took every art class available because I loved to draw, paint and just be creative. I used my creativity in different aspects of my life but never thought of using my talents as a children’s author.

I attended a local college majoring in Art History and attended a few trade schools, in my younger years. Then my life took an unexpected turn into real estate.

Real Estate has been a very rewarding “accident”, I have been a Real Estate Broker for nearly 20 years, my husband and I have also been self-employed owning several successful companies. I say “Serendipity”.

Meeting my husband, Charlie, and experiencing our life together, with one adventure after another. Again, “Serendipity”.

Our daughter and her husband have blessed us with two beautiful grandchildren, their huge personalities and their love of life continue to make us smile, laugh, and feel blessed every day.

In 2016 when our grandson began sharing his camping trips with me; I would watch his face light up telling stories about his new experiences and how much he loved camping. My first book “I Love To Go Camping” was also “Serendipity.” 

Then a few years later I wrote “Lulu and Her New Best Friend”, written with our granddaughter, Emmie Lulu, in mind. Emmie is caring, witty, silly, brilliant and very independent.

Over the years, I love how “Serendipity” has happened in my life, it knocks me off my feet when I least expected it and is like a breath of fresh air just when it’s needed. It always puts a smile on my face and reminds me how blessed I truly am.

More About Me

JoAnn is a Multi-Award-Winning & Best-Selling Author, and the CEO of Two Sweet Peas Publishing. She continues to write and publish her children’s books as an Independent Author.

JoAnn has started a YouTube channel that is about her author’s journey, family, travels, and grandkids. Most recently she’s been speaking very forward about her experience with becoming a self-published author and what she calls “Straight-Up” Author Talk.

Check it out! 


My Work - My Community - Loving Life

My Work

I am inspired by my grandchildren’s love for life, their big personalities, and their wonderful imaginations. I wrote my first book “I Love To Go Camping” when my grandson experienced camping at the young age of four. I loved listening to his stories about his camping adventures and watching his eyes light up as he shared his first-time experiences. After my first book, I began writing other stories and realized how much I enjoyed the journey of storytelling as an author of children’s books.

My Community

I love Southern California! From our beautiful beaches to our National Forests. I love everything about our beautiful mountains, from the huge, fragrant, cedar trees, to the changing of the four seasons to our local beaches, taking long walks on the beach with the clean, fresh air and listening to the relaxing sound of the waves crashing against the natural rocks.

Loving Life!

Our Beach Life! One of our favorite past-time is walking through downtown and meeting new friends. On our morning walk, we met this friendly neighbor and his two pooches, Louie and Blondy while picking up a latte. His story reminded us of “Lulu and her new best friend”, so we just had to share my Lulu book with him and his wife.

Like my story, he too acquired one of his pets because the owner could no longer care for the dog after he was fully grown.

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