New Series Alert! Amelia Ophelia The Beekeeper

“Meet the real Amelia in Amelia Ophelia the Beekeeper!” 🐝
Amelia is witty, loves to dance, and be silly, and has a huge personality. She also loves to read and learn about new things.
One day Amelia asked me when I would be writing a book about her as she reminded me that several of my stories were written about her brother, John.
I explained to Amelia that even though the books don’t have her name in the title, she is in all the stories as she too is an inspiration when writing stories. But little did she know I already had a story in mind for her.
So, I got right to work looking for an illustrator to pair with my new book. I found the wonderful and talented Kerrie Nichols @kerriedesigns who created Amelia for “Amelia Ophelia the Beekeeper.”
Kerrie created a wonderful storyboard that is evolving into a beautifully illustrated children’s book, and I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

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