Review Alert! “Lou’s Zoo Series”


Another wonderful review from a teacher that has shared my book with her students. As you can see these books are packed with learning tools for kids of all ages.
From learning about kindness, acceptance and accepting everyone for who and what they are.
I just had a neighbor purchase both the set as a baby shower gift and Christmas is right around the corner for a great gift for kids, parents and teachers.

Discover the enchanting world of Lou’s Zoo Adventures through two captivating tales: “Who’s New at Lou’s Zoo” and “Lou’s Zoo and Winston Too.”

“Who’s New at Lou’s Zoo”

In this heartwarming story, Lou welcomes a new animal to the zoo family, teaching children the value of kindness, compassion and acceptance while introducing them to a colorful cast of characters.

“Lou’s Zoo and Winston Too”

Winston the Wise Owl joins Lou to help with solve some of the problems the animals are facing. Winston helps Kimo and Micky understand what Anxiety is and why they experience it. He helps Rip the Rhino understand about kindness and sharing and teaching the animals about accepting other animals and making them feel welcome. Find out how Winston helps a baby Rhino.

The “Lou’s Zoo Series” is a delightful series perfect for young readers, educators, and parents seeking engaging stories that impart important life lessons while sparking imagination. Dive into these enchanting tales and experience the magic of the Lou’s Zoo Series today!

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