New Valentine’s Day Printables!

💖🎁 Spread Love with Free Downloads for Valentine’s Day! 🌹✨ This Valentine’s Day, share the gift of love with our FREE downloadable goodies! 💌💝 Whether you’re crafting heartfelt cards, or simply spreading joy to those you cherish, we’ve got you covered. Head to our website and snag your complimentary downloads today under the Free Downloads. […]

🎨✨Fun Art Project! ✨🎈

At a recent school event, I provided the art supplies – coloring sheets and sticks for these adorable Rylee’s Rover puppets. The kids were thrilled to flaunt their creative skills, and we captured loads of joyful moments in photos and videos. 😊📷📹 Big thanks to Ms. CynDee and her incredible staff for making it all […]

Thank you Ms. CynDee!!

Last week I had the honor of visiting another school with over 75 kids. Not only did I read “Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars” and talk about what a self-published author does but I shared my brand-new song with them. “That’s right I wrote a song!” The kids loved the song and the interaction with […]

“Diving into the world of education, my books are your key to unlocking the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning). Join me on an exciting journey where learning meets creativity, and where young minds flourish with knowledge and emotional intelligence. Let’s empower the next generation together! […]

Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars Review by Becky Halton

Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars is a wonderful rhyming children’s book, written by JoAnn M. Dickinson and illustrated by Daria Shamolina. Rylee is an inventive young girl who dreams of building a rover to explore the planet Mars! With the help of her trusty companion, a dog named Cosmo, she begins planning the various bits and […]

Launch Week For Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars!

It’s Launch Week for Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars! If you would like to join our Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars Launch Team, you can SIGN UP HERE! We would love to have you come along and help us make our new book a #1 success! Our Goal this week is for “Rylee’s Rover Goes To […]

Rylee’s Rover Kickstarter Campaign is Fully Funded

Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars Kickstarter Campaign is Fully Funded! We will begin shipping the Kickstarter orders out this week August 14, 2023. If you missed ordering your copy of Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars you can order an autographed copy today  right here on my website. Join Rylee as she sets out on another […]

Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars – Final Week Giveaway Winner

“Congratulations Jackie Fussel!” as the fourth and final Kickstarter Give-Away! 🚀💫Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars is now Kickstarter Campaign is now Fully Funded! If you missed my social media post over the weekend the books have arrived, and I will begin shipping them out this week August 14, 2023. Watch for your copy in the […]

Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars – Kickstarter Campaign

With just a few days left, every pledge counts. Your support can send Rylee and her trusty companions on an unforgettable journey to the Red Planet. Join the adventure by clicking the link below to back the campaign and be a part of this space project.…/rylees-rover-goes-to-mars… Your support means the world to Rylee and […]

Congratulations Shannon Addison – Week Three Give-Away Winner

Congratulation! Shannon Addison, Week Three Kickstarter Giveaway Winner. Thank you so much for your support and we are on to our Week Four Giveaway. Follow the link below and support the Kickstarter Campaign that will bring Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars one step closer to launching. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn […]

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