Holiday Discounts Continue!

Let’s Celebrate the Holidays Together! Join us as we roll out the red carpet for you with special discounts and savings this holiday season. Here’s how you can purchase: Visit our store: Click on the Shop Tab to view all my award-winning children’s books that make perfect gifts for your loved ones or a […]

“Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo” Named Book of the Year!

Exciting News! “Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo” Wins Book of the Year at The Golden Wizard Book Prize! This heartwarming and captivating tale has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers far and wide, and now it’s officially recognized as the best in its category. A huge round of applause and heartfelt congratulations to the […]

The Young Rylee Series

🌟 Meet the Creative Genius Behind the Young Rylee Series: JoAnn M. Dickinson! 🚀📚 Ever wonder how imagination takes flight? Dive into the captivating world of JoAnn M. Dickinson, the visionary creator of the Young Rylee Series. The award-winning “Young Rylee Series,” comprising “Rylee the Young Rocketeer” and “Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars,” is a […]

Thank you Ms. CynDee!!

Last week I had the honor of visiting another school with over 75 kids. Not only did I read “Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars” and talk about what a self-published author does but I shared my brand-new song with them. “That’s right I wrote a song!” The kids loved the song and the interaction with […]

John’s Adventures at Yellowstone Park Wins it’s first award!

Exciting News! “John’s Adventures at Yellowstone Park” is now an Award-Winning children’s book! I am thrilled to share that our picture book has been recognized for its excellence by The Golden Wizard Book Prize. It’s an incredible honor and a testament to the power of storytelling to ignite young imaginations. Join John and his family […]

Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo – Won Best Cover Award

I am so incredibly proud of this book and the Lou’s Zoo Series. Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo won best cover to name a few and there will be more awards to come. We have had some wonderful opportunities with getting this book into the hands of kids all over the country. Watch for more […]

Award Winning Rylee The Young Rocketeer – A Children’s Book

Look what happened this week! Rylee the Young Rocketeer won her first award, and I couldn’t be prouder of this book. Since the day we launched back in April 2022, Rylee has been a hit in the classroom, on the best-seller list several times, and now an award-winning book. You can find this beautifully illustrated […]

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