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Your kid will love this one! Curiosity, kindness, animal facts, the imagination-this story has it all! Who’s new at the Lou Zoo is such a fun way to learn more about different animals. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous!
This book is so incredibly beautiful. The illustrations are so detailed and vibrant. This story speaks about the importance of getting outside and spending quality time with family and friends. Kids need more of that today! Loved it.
David O.
My son is into all things space-y right now so this was perfect! He already knows about the planets so he was thrilled to see Rylee visiting them in her rocket.
Who's New At Lou's Zoo is a wonderful story of acceptance and love with eye-catching illustrations. Kids can relate to the various emotions the animals are feeling and can gain comfort in knowing it will be ok. Love this book, and highly recommend reading it with your littles. Well done!
Catherine R.
This is a lovely story of Lou the Alpaca and his animal friends in their neighborhood zoo. The animals all anxiously await the arrival of their newest neighbor. Who will it be? The quirky art of Lauren Sparks is absolutely beautiful and puts this book over the top! Her unique take on each animal is amazing! I love that there is a list of fun facts about the real animals portrayed in the back of the book. Whether you're an animal lover or an art lover, this book will make a great gift this holiday season!
Jackie N.
Thank you, JoAnn for writing such an engaging book for kids to read! I shared this book with my sister who is a 1st-grade teacher, and her students couldn’t wait to learn more about our Solar System and figure out how to get themselves out there!
Nancy N.

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