Happy Birthday Rylee The Youngrocketeer!

We almost missed Rylee’s birthday with all the excitement going on.

Rylee knows exactly what she wants! She loves building parts for rockets but has high hopes and dreams of one day becoming a skilled rocketeer. She imagines building her own rocket and she can’t wait to grow up traveling to the Moon and Mars, meeting new friends, and reaching for the stars!

“In the driver’s seat, soon I’ll be taking my place.

I will quickly take off to explore outer space!”

Rylee teaches kids like her, that with a little imagination you can become anything you want to be with hard work, determination, and skill. This book will expand children’s imagination and critical thinking about what they may want to be when they grow up while learning about the planets and the solar system.

Great for parents and teachers who are looking for:

  • children’s rhyming books
  • STEM learning
  • expanding children’s imagination
  • critical thinking for the future
  • kids’ books about planets
  • fun, colorful picture books
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