Rylee The Young Rocketeer Review

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✍️Author: JoAnn M. Dickinson
📚Review: Kids have an imagination that far surpasses any adult. They dream big and they are not afraid to try and achieve it. If there is something that kids cannot do it is just boring enough to not have any fun dreams that take you on an adventure. Astronauts, a lot of memories twinkled, and eyes sparkled at the thought of this, didn’t they? Because a lot of us dreamed to be one when we were little and heard about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon with great leaps in space. Yes, it is exciting and without math and theoretical physics, it is also an adventure. One that quite passably involves life and death in the geekiest fashion.
Here is a child and her name is Rylee, she aspires to be Rocketeer and she is not afraid of anything that shall stand in her way. She dreams big and those dreams include making a rocket and taking her pet on an interstellar adventure and visiting all the planets that your diesel car cannot take. I find the book very colorful and filled with lovable pictures that children are going to like. Apart from the aesthetic sense, the book is written in stanzas that are divided and grouped to notable figures in our solar system. There is a description of each planet in our system and rejoice there is Pluto too, although it is not a planet anymore.
I love the vibes emanating from this children’s book and find it enjoyable as well as informative for the young minds to devour. It should be something to get your children interested in science even if they do not want to be an astronaut. The important details are going to stay in their mind as they have been presented in such a marvelous fashion and everything is too cute to even imagine those are so important pieces of information.

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