John’s Camping Adventures #1 New Release on Amazon

Yay we did it again! John’s Camping Adventure is #1 New Release on Amazon! Or order your autographed copy today right here Be sure to check out my newsletter for updates about my new books coming soon.

The inspiration to my stories!

Meet John of John’s Camping Adventures. This is my grandson and the inspiration to my stories. John is now 10 years old and still loves camping and dirt bike riding.    

John’s Camping Adventures Now Available!

John’s Camping Adventures is now available! You can order an autographed copy on my new website, or it is also available on Amazon. Sign up for my newsletter while on my new site to stay up to date on more new books coming soon, Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo and John’s Camping Adventures at Crab […]

John’s Camping Adventures Is Now Available

We launched my new children’s book John’s Camping Adventures. This book will be the first of my Camping Book Series with several stories about young John and his adventures learning and experiencing all there is to know about camping and new places. Follow along with John and his family’s new journey and the places they […]

John’s Camping Adventures will be out soon!

We are just finishing up my new children’s book John’s Camping Adventures which will be released soon. This is a redesign of my very first book “I Love To Go Camping” I wrote in 2016. It will be available in “Kid Friendly” 8.5″ X 8.5″, hardcover and paperback just like Rylee The Young Rocketeer. It’s […]

Happy Birthday John’s Camping Adventures!

One year ago this month, we took a leap of faith and launched John’s Camping Adventures – and it’s been an incredible journey! Thanks to all our awesome customers and friends who have made this past year so special. Here’s to many more amazing adventures together!…/dp/1737804166

This month’s Story Behind The Story is about John’s Camping Adventures

This month’s “Story Behind The Story” is about John’s Camping Adventures. Most of you may have purchased this rhyming book during my Kickstarter Campaign earlier in the year or recently read it online as a free eBook. The first edition I Love To Go Camping was written back in 2016. Then in 2021, while creating my self-published […]

Enjoy all my books available for purchase right here!

I am so excited to introduce you to all my books launched this year 2022. It has been a busy year for sure, but I couldn’t wait to share these stories with you. In March we launched Rylee The Young Rocketeer and shortly after that was John’s Camping Adventures. Following in August Who’s New In […]

JoAnn Dickinson – Oh, How We Have Grown!

Oh, how we’ve grown! Follow the link below to order signed copies. We are taking pre-orders for hardcover copies of Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo, Crab Run Beach, and Lulu’s New Fur Friend. www. Free eBooks coming soon for all new releases! Watch for details.  

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