Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars Review by Becky Halton

Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars is a wonderful rhyming children’s book, written by JoAnn M. Dickinson and illustrated by Daria Shamolina. Rylee is an inventive young girl who dreams of building a rover to explore the planet Mars! With the help of her trusty companion, a dog named Cosmo, she begins planning the various bits and […]

Rylee’s Rover Kickstarter Campaign is Fully Funded

Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars Kickstarter Campaign is Fully Funded! We will begin shipping the Kickstarter orders out this week August 14, 2023. If you missed ordering your copy of Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars you can order an autographed copy today  right here on my website. Join Rylee as she sets out on another […]

Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars – Final Week Giveaway Winner

“Congratulations Jackie Fussel!” as the fourth and final Kickstarter Give-Away! 🚀💫Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars is now Kickstarter Campaign is now Fully Funded! If you missed my social media post over the weekend the books have arrived, and I will begin shipping them out this week August 14, 2023. Watch for your copy in the […]

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