Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars – Final Week Giveaway Winner

“Congratulations Jackie Fussel!” as the fourth and final Kickstarter Give-Away! 🚀💫Rylee’s Rover Goes to Mars is now Kickstarter Campaign is now Fully Funded! If you missed my social media post over the weekend the books have arrived, and I will begin shipping them out this week August 14, 2023. Watch for your copy in the […]

Congratulations Shannon Addison – Week Three Give-Away Winner

Congratulation! Shannon Addison, Week Three Kickstarter Giveaway Winner. Thank you so much for your support and we are on to our Week Four Giveaway. Follow the link below and support the Kickstarter Campaign that will bring Rylee’s Rover Goes To Mars one step closer to launching. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joannmdickinson/rylees-rover-goes-to-mars Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn […]

The Golden Wizard Book Prize

I’m So Very Honored! Today Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo won the Golden Wizard Book Award. Proud to add it to the collection of awards. I’m sure Lou’s Zoo and Winston Too will be right behind with a few awards of their own. The Golden Wizard Book Prize is an opportunity for authors to receive […]

Lou’s Zoo and Winston Too ~ Kickstarter Halfway Point!

Good morning everyone! We are at the Kickstarter Campaign’s halfway point with just two short weeks left to the campaign. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet go to the campaign to learn more and order today. I’m looking forward to delivering this beautiful book to you soon!          

Lou’s Zoo And Winston Too – “Project We Love”

Great news today! Lou’s Zoo and Winston Too was awarded the “Project We Love” badge today just 12 hours after launching. This is Kickstarter’s way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity. Who’s New at Lou’s Zoo also won this badge in the first 12 hours of launching the campaign. I am truly honored! Thank you, […]

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks again to those who have supported my Kickstarter campaign. We are 10 days in and looking to make my next goal to 50% funded by Sunday. Love to reach my goal this weekend and share the link below when possible. https://www.kickstarter.com/…/joan…/whos-new-at-lous-zoo

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