The “Story Behind the Story” of Lou’s Zoo

Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo My original story idea was going to be about opposites, and zoo animals, but the story changed after a few names that came to mind like Mickey the Meek Monkey, Peter the Chatty Parrot, Kimo the shy Koala or Gina the gentle Giraffe were a few of the first names and then the animals […]

Rylee The Young Rocketeer

Rylee The Young Rocketeer was a book I started writing a year or so before I published it this year, through Two Sweet Peas Publishing. It is one of my favorite stories as Rylee reminds me of myself with many hopes and dreams, and she is not afraid to follow her heart. It was not […]

National Alpaca Day

September 26th is National Alpaca Day! Alpacas are cute, fuzzy animals that have been of help to human beings in agriculture for a significant time. These animals have unique personalities, are highly sensitive to their environments, and are most timid in temperament. Alpaca Day raises awareness about the need for the conservation of alpacas and […]

Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo Review from Readers’ Favorite

Five Star Review: Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite In Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo by JoAnn M. Dickinson, we find that there’s a new kid on the block, or perhaps more accurately, a new animal is coming to the zoo. Lou, an alpaca, defines himself as the zookeeper for the space the […]

Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo Will Arrive Next Week!

I can’t wait for everyone to receive their copy of Lou’s Zoo. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Watch for the FREE eBooks coming soon on all three of my new releases. My author journey is finally picking up momentum, I’ve been working hard on my 5 new books this year & it has been […]

Free eBook July 19th – 21st on Amazon

Free, Free, Free! There will be a free eBook coming soon, July 19th – 21st. Download a copy of Rylee The Young Rocketeer and enjoy this fun rhyming story with your kids and grandkids! Your child will love Rylee’s exhilarating, confident and positive personality as she shares her adventures traveling throughout outer space, and meeting […]

National Zookeeper Week July 18th – 24th, 2022

National Zookeeper Week July 18-24, 2022. My new book Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo is about a zookeeper named Lou so I only thought it would be appropriate to post about zookeeper week. In 2007 congress declared the third week of July National Zookeeper Week to focus on the need to protect and preserve our […]

Reviews and more reviews!

I want to personally thank Jennifer I. for sharing her story in her review of Rylee the Young Rocketeer. I love the fact that my books bring joy to a sad situation. Jennifer, I pray my Rylee book brings comfort to your nephew. This book and all my books can be found by following the […]