Reviews ~ Reviews ~ Reviews!

Reviews keep coming in for Rylee The Young Rocketeer! This is a sweet review from a mother whose kids loved it, and her niece is OBSESSED with Rylee and wants to read it every night! I have Great News for Rylee lovers, there is another Rylee book in the making! Rylee’s Rover will be out […]

The “Story Behind the Story” of Lou’s Zoo

Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo My original story idea was going to be about opposites, and zoo animals, but the story changed after a few names that came to mind like Mickey the Meek Monkey, Peter the Chatty Parrot, Kimo the shy Koala or Gina the gentle Giraffe were a few of the first names and then the animals […]

A Sneak Peek of My New Book John’s Camping Adventures at Crab Run Beach

This cover is still a work in progress, Praise Saflor, my book designer will work her magic and design it to look like my camping series, expected to be released August 2022. Some may know John’s Camping Adventures is a camping series that I will continue to write more books about John’s adventures at different […]

June 2022 – National Zoo and Aquarium Month

    National Zoo and Aquarium Month – June 2022 This month promotes and encourages people to visit zoos and aquariums. Zoos and aquariums provide the opportunity for individuals to learn about animals and marine life. Many of them also offer different kinds of interactive educational programs to make learning more fun. Fun Facts are […]

New Releases in 2022

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with launching 4 new books in six months (Coming Soon! John’s Camping Adventures At Crab Run Beach). But it has been so rewarding and love meeting new friends along the way. A special thanks to Stacey Bauer and Kim Anne for all your great coaching.    

John & Rylee Are On Another Adventures

Rylee & John are on another adventure! They have arrived at Young Bookworms Bookstore in Colorado Springs, Co. If you are in the area, stop by to say Hi to the owner Joni and pick up a few of her children’s books and gifts. Good luck to Joni & her own new adventure. Young Bookworms […]

Meet The Author

Meet the author: Hi, my name is JoAnn Dickinson; I am an Indie, self-published author and CEO of Two Sweet Peas Publishing. I love living in sunny, Southern California and I enjoy creating new characters and stories for my children’s books. I have been artistic most of my life drawing, painting, designing, building, and remodeling […]

I’m excited to share some great news!

This special book receives a #1 new release banner! I wrote my first book in 2016, I Love To Go Camping, when my grandson was only 4 years old and experienced camping for the first time. As an Indie Author and CEO of my publishing company, I re-wrote the manuscript, Robin Katz re-edited it, and […]

John’s Camping Adventures At Crab Run Beach

Sneak peek! John’s Camping adventures at Crab Run Beach. I’m excited to share with you the first illustration of my next book in John’s Camping Adventures Series coming soon. Watch for more updates! About: John excitedly shares his love of nature, family time, and friends. On special weekends, John and his family travel to new […]