John’s Camping Adventures – Hardcover


In John’s Camping Adventures, John excitedly shares his love of nature, family time, and friends.


John’s Camping Adventure: A Kids Book About Family Time And Nature. This Fun Camping Book is the first in this new series about a young boy experiencing camping and traveling to unique places. It is a colorful and fun, rhyming picture book teaching children about nature, family time, and new adventures with friends. Your child will fall in love with John and his love of nature while he experiences new firsts in his life like catching a fish, hiking with nature, and collecting keepsakes. But most of all John loves the family time spent together on weekends.

This series will include John and his family experiencing places they have never been before Crab Run Beach, and other great places that everyone can enjoy while creating their own camping adventures.

This book will expand children’s imagination and critical thinking about other places to visit and learn about nature, and animals while enjoying the beauty of many unique places.

Great for parents and teachers who are looking for:

  • expanding children’s imagination
  • promoting family time
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All books are personally signed by the Author, be sure to include your child’s name.