Fun Facts About Alpacas

Fun Facts About Alpacas – If you have read some of my books, then you know that Alpacas are one of the animals featured in Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo.
So I thought I’d share some facts.
Did you know that Alpacas cannot live alone? They have really strong herding instincts and tend to do better with the same gender.
Have you ever seen an Alpaca?
More Fun Facts below:
  • #1 They are in fact NOT small llamas.
  • #2 They are short and bulky.
  • #3 They come in two breeds: suri and haucaya.
  • #4 They communicate through body language.
  • #5 They also use sounds to communicate.
  • #6 They sometimes use spitting as a defense.
  • #7 They are clean freaks.

More About Lou The Alpaca in Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo

Lou is an a very particular alpaca, and he likes to be known as “The Zookeeper” in what humans call a “neighborhood.” Lou has many friends, and he likes to be sure all of his guest feels welcome, cared for and everyone is kind, compassionate and respect their neighbor. Many of the animals come to the neighborhood because they don’t have other family, or they are lost so as they all come to Lou’s zoo that becomes their new home.

My new Book Lou’s Zoo and Winston Too will be out early 2023 and you can continue learning about Lou’s Zoo and his neighborhood. Meet new neighbors and learn how Winston The Wise Owl becomes Lou’s helper and “problem solver.”

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