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Five Star Review: Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

In Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo by JoAnn M. Dickinson, we find that
there’s a new kid on the block, or perhaps more accurately, a new
animal is coming to the zoo. Lou, an alpaca, defines himself as the
zookeeper for the space the animals call their neighborhood. He’s
planning a party to welcome the newcomer and he has everyone
excited and wondering who and what this newcomer will be like.

Peter, the Chatty Parrot wonders if this newcomer will be as colorful
as he is and what this newcomer will eat, where this newcomer will
stay, and most importantly, what this newcomer’s name is. Mickey,
the Meek Monkey wonders if the newcomer will be small like he is.

So many questions and Lou’s only concern is that they all greet this
newcomer with a friendly welcome and make them feel instantly at
home and surrounded by good friends.

JoAnn M. Dickinson’s picture book Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo is a
sweet, charming, and sometimes humorous kids’ book about
kindness, compassion and never judging someone by their

Using a zoo full of animals as an example, the author
creates a world of diversity and equity, allowing each creature to
admire their unique differences while, at the same time, honoring
and respecting others and their differences.

The story is told in
simple language and each animal is introduced with a quirky name,
often with the same letter alliterations, making them into tongue
twisters and a source of giggle power for young readers.

The illustrations are spectacular and certainly add to the flavor of the
story. As well as addressing the complex issue of diversity and
acceptance, the author takes the newcomer’s perspective and
discusses his concerns about whether he’ll fit into the new

A simple story beautifully told with intensely
powerful messages. Brilliant

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