Lou is an alpaca with the desire to be a zookeeper. He has many friends, they all live in, what humans call, a neighborhood, and he loves taking care of his friends.
A new guest is coming to Lou’s neighborhood zoo, and the animals are excited to meet their new guest.
But they’re wondering if the mysterious, new guest will have beautiful stripes or are they colorful, small or large, old or young, fearless or shy like them.
But the newcomer has worries of his own. He doesn’t know what to expect! Will the animals think he looks intimidating, or will they think he looks mean, or will he fit in with his new neighbors? This story teaches children about compassion, kindness, friendships, and never judging someone by their appearance.
The book is full of colorful illustrations and “Fun Facts” about each animal, such as: where therefrom, what they eat and the quantity per day, how large they are, and much more. Your child will love getting to know each of the animals and their curious personalities.